Born in California to French American parents and brought up traveling the world with a home base in Mexico, Chacha could truly be considered a citizen of the world. An explorer with incredible emotional sensitivity and curiosity for the world that surrounds her. Chacha's instinct to relate to others began to express very early in her life through writing and visual art. Fluent in multiple languages and cultures, themes of interconnectivity, solidarity, and responsibility for the environment are common in her work. She’s honest with herself and challenges her community to be the same way. On the floor and walls of her home, in countless journals, and recently through various expositions and publications, Charlotte has created as she lives, laying bare the evolution of her mind and art.

Chacha earned her Bachelor's of Science at the New School in NYC with a focus on creative writing. Her writing is heavily influenced by her photographic mind, as well as the magical realism of Latin-America and Europe. She writes from a multi-cultural perspective, and often incorporates multiple languages and their translations in her work.


I am a storyteller; my art form depends on the story that needs to be told and my medium is determined by that which lends it optimum expression. I have often been told I am too sensitive and lack the “thick-skin” that I need to survive in today’s competitive world, but I believe my sensitivity is my strength. My sensitivity is what allows me to tune into the world with an openness that helps me understand that which surrounds me on a fundamental level and take on the needs of the world as though they were my own. It is what gets me out of bed every morning with a sense of duty. I am committed to always do my best. Not just for myself, but so I may one day be capable of giving back to the world. I jump at every chance to put my creativity to work for a higher purpose.

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